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Payment methods

7.1. Payment for Products purchased on the Site shall be made strictly within 10 (ten) days from when the order confirmation is sent by the Seller to the Consumer. The Consumer expressly agrees that performance of the contract by the Seller will commence the moment the price of the purchased product/s is credited to the Seller’s bank account.

7.2. Payments for orders placed on the Site can be paid by credit card, or via PayPal or by Gift Card, if available, on the conditions outlined below.  The Seller may also accept other payment methods, as indicated in the specific payment section on the Site.

7.3. When payment is by credit card,the Consumer will be transferred to a secure site and the credit card information will be communicated directly to Shopify Payments. The data provided will be sent securely using SSL ('Secure Socket Layer').. Such data remain inaccessible even for the Seller.

7.4. To pay the Products' price, the Consumers may use a Gift Card, entering their e-mail address in the field provided in the Shopping Cart page - in the case of Consumers already registered and correctly logged-in to the Site, this field will be already populated - and their Gift card code. For the Gift Cards' Terms of Use, please refer to the details given on page of this Site. 

7.5. The invoice/tax records relating to the purchase will be sent to the Consumer in electronic format, if required by law, to the e-mail address provided by the Purchaser during the registration process, if the products are to be delivered to a recipient in Italy, or attached to the purchased product in paper format, in all other cases.