MC20 Cieloからインスピレーションを受け、パフォーマンスを愛する大胆な人のために作られたカプセルコレクションです。

North Sails X Maserati MC20 Cielo Collection

From the purest essence Maserati was born the super sporty MC20. The first of its kind. The car designed for perfection, to bring the future into the present. From the same philosophy was born the MC20 Collection: A line of products built with the maximum attention to detail. Products with a clean and essential style inspired by the most futuristic Maserati.

Our collections

A product line built with the maximum attention to detail. Each item is a unique piece, a small masterpiece of design. The MC20 Collection: clothing, accessories, items designed and developed in partnership with brands with a strong innovative vocation.